Why Should You Choose a Red Carpet?

With awards season well and truly underway, red carpet cannot be avoided, but why a red carpet? From celebrities walking the red carpet to red carpet in your home, red carpets have countless benefits. With the best range of carpets Glasgow has on offer, at Joe Walker’s Flooring, we can help find the perfect red carpet for your home.

History of the Red Carpet

While the red carpet is now a common site at award shows and film premiers, the red carpet was once only used for the royals and war champions. The red carpet dates back as far as the ancient Greece, when the first red carpet was rolled out for the triumphant King’s return from the Trojan war. Since then, the carpet has gone through some changes, but as a colour associated with royalty, prestige, and aristocracy red carpets have long been associated with the likes of saints and royalty. It wasn’t until the 1800’s that the red carpet was rolled out for those, not of royal blood. In 1821, the red carpet was rolled out for the US president to welcome him ashore from a riverboat in South Carolina.

red abingdon carpets

Following this event, the red carpet quickly became associated with high profile events, being rolled out to welcome high profile guests onto trains in New York. The red carpet moved from trains to Hollywood around the 1920s, and has since been a common site at award shows, film premiers and other prestige Hollywood events.

Why a Red Carpet at Home?

The red carpet has a long, rich history as a sign of power and prestige, but it is also an incredibly popular carpet colour for the home. While giving a royal feel at home, red carpets also add a sense of warmth and comfort at home. Whether you opt for a rich burgundy or a bright crimson, a red carpet can truly transform your home. But why a red carpet? As well as giving a warm feel in your home, red carpets can be incredibly hard wearing and can be great for disguising stains.

Feel like royalty every day by installing a red carpet in your home.


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