Ultimate Real Wood Flooring Guide

Wondering if real wood flooring is right for your home? Follow Joe Walker’s Flooring’s ultimate real guide to find out all about it. From real wood floor maintenance and care tips to its benefits, we have all the advice you need to make the best choice for your home!

Real wood flooring is suitable for a variety of different purposes and rooms. Our carpets Glasgow team will make sure that you are given the highest level of customer care, from the moment you set foot in our showroom or request a measuring appointment!

The Guide to Real Wood Flooring

What is Real Wood Flooring?

The most common forms of real wood flooring are oak, walnut, beech and ash. At Joe Walker’s Flooring we offer a wide range of real wood instore. Some of our most popular options are;

  • Dark Oak
  • Light Oak
  • True Oak

Why Should you Choose Real Wood Flooring?

At Joe Walker’s Flooring, we think that there is nothing better than authentic wooden flooring! Though there are many arguments for using an engineered alternative like laminate or vinyl, sometimes you can’t get better than the real thing! Real wood flooring is;


No two grain patterns look exactly the same – this means that you are more than likely going to have a completely unique appearance of flooring if you choose to install wood.


Wooden flooring can look great in any type of home! Because it is so stylish and adaptable it works well in both contemporary spaces and older, more character filled homes.

Durable and Long Lasting

If you choose to invest in real wooden flooring you must look after it! A wood specific oil or lacquer will make sure that your flooring is protected from most things. Also, wooden flooring is most likely to last the longest compared with the other before mentioned alternatives; this is because wood can be sanded and a new finish can be applied without any hassle many times without any hassle.

All Natural

Also, because wood is obviously all natural, when deciding to install it you won’t have to consider the chance of someone in your household being allergic to the fibres in it. This is something you would have to think about should you be installing carpets.

What should you consider before installing real wood flooring?

wooden flooring

The team at Joe Walker’s Flooring will give you expert wood floor maintenance and care advice.

  • Choose your floor very carefully – before you choose the right real wood floor, make sure you consider all the different grain patterns on offer, browse the varieties of wood and planks widths available. If you are struggling because there are lots of options Joe Walker’s Flooring can help!
  • Adjust it to your home – Because wood is a natural material, it will change size when the temperature changes in your home. So make sure that, before the planks you choose are installed, you acclimatise them to your indoor temperature (bring them inside for at least 7 days beforehand). If you do not do this you may be at risk of damaging the wood.
  • Prepare your space – Make sure the floor beneath the real wood flooring is equal, clean and dry before installation.

What about real wood floor maintenance and care?

  • Cleaning your Real Wood Floor – In order to care for wood flooring all that is required is regular sweeping or hoovering. And, because it is rather very durable it means that your flooring will be relatively low maintenance.
  • Keeping your Real Wood Floor Dry – As we mentioned in our previous post, laminate flooring needs to be kept dry as much as possible and this true too for wood! Water on wooden flooring can put it at risk of warping, so if any liquids are spilt on the floor make sure they are removed quickly.
  • Protect Real Wood Floor from Scratches – The easiest way to scratch or mark your wooden flooring is by moving furniture. The best way to make sure that you combat this is by buying some adhesive to be put over the part of the furniture at risk of causing the most damage to the flooring. Another way to potentially minimise the risk of scuffing the floor is to lay down a nice rug in the room you are concerned about.
  • Avoid Exposure to Sun – Make sure that if any parts of your flooring is exposed to too much sunlight, it is covered up as much as possible. Too much sunlight on your real wood flooring can potentially cause fading.

Compared with other materials; wood floor maintenance and care are definitely not hard!

Book your free measure appointment and find your perfect real wood flooring from Joe Walker’s Flooring! 


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